Beware of What You Believe

Very happy to have knocked this one out over the last week… but back to acrylics with lots of disdain.  I remembered what I love about them; they dry fast!  I remembered what I hate about them; they dry fast!  As I’m re-investigating materials again, I think it’s time to invest in the newfangled extender mediums on the market.  There’s use of lava gel the foreground and heavy side of the cloud wall, but it wasn’t suitable for the smoother areas of the painting.  If anyone has a favorite/recommended product to give the paint a bit more life in the making, please do share.

Tornado Series (Revenge Series II): Paintings

Occluded Mesocyclone : Beware of What You Believe

acrylic on canvas, 8″ x 24″, 2011 – $1,500


About 2 horns & the truth

imagemaker • objectmaker • places art in places and spaces
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