Who the hell is Stephen Gyermek?

I’m honored to co-curate an upcoming exhibition (Kunstlerleben : From Budapest to the Valley) this summer with Miguel Guerrero (Artist & Mentor Extraordinaire) featuring the amazing Stephen Gyermek.  Mr. Gyermek is truly a cultural treasure… art historian, master woodblock printmaker, stained glass designer, painter, curator… it’s incredibly humbling to be part of this project.  We are planning the show as an unorthodox and very approachable retrospective, across two continents and 4 countries – in scope from age 10 to the present. A challenge to offer the uncommon and remarkable in a fitting way.  More details coming in May.  Here’s a few pics shot while interviewing Stephen and identifying important works for the show:


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4 Responses to Who the hell is Stephen Gyermek?

  1. ilena Finocchi-Wilson says:

    Stephen is an extraordinary artist with a fascinating art/life… I can’t wait to see the show!!!


    • A genius man full of vision, wisdom and humility… and after seeing that most of the 10 Top Blogs at WordPress are currently filled with Charlie Sheen, Nic Cage, Trump and All My Children dredge and bile, I am all the more happy to be working (and blogging) about Kunstlerleben.


  2. LACROIX says:

    Mr. Gyermek is one of the greatest people I have ever known. A great teacher, a great artist and a great friend. Though I haven’t seen or talked to him in 20 years or so, I am very grateful to have known him back then.


    • Thanks for the kind words for Stephen… if you’d like, I can put the two of you back in touch. He’s had several old colleagues, friends and students from across America and even Europe who have been able to contact him due the exhibition. I would be more than happy to do that for you if you’d like.


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