Visual Vault

A working archive of interesting images and random ideas…

Solar Eclipse, May 20th 2012, Norcal


Oscar & Vita… strange, silly and artful beasts.


Half Moon Bay – February 2011

Some fun stencil graf near my old apartment, off the slough trail.


June 2010 – San Diego & the Americans for the Arts Conference including works from the Stuart Collection at U.C. San Diego.



4 Responses to Visual Vault

  1. Meela says:

    So like me, you now know all the power felines have!
    Beautiful animals…


    • It really is borderline madness living with these creatures. They are in no way “pets,” more so beneficial pack members… their influence in how we live is pretty extraordinary. However they make me laugh everyday and usually teach me something redeeming along the way. Both retain feral instincts, talk much of the time, and despite their challenging behavior, me & IF feel lucky to have them. Powerful and beautiful indeed.


  2. Ilena says:

    suncatcher vita!!!! I don’t think they miss me at all… they sure are cute!! 🙂


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