Audio/Visual inspiration…

Creative Commons version of the strange and fun Codex Seraphinianus (1976-78) by Italian Artist and Designer, Luigi Serafini. More info and download at:  Codex Serphini

SPACES (Cleveland, OH) – Living in Your Imagination – 30th Anniversary Exhibition Catalog 2008:  SPACES 30 Years

DJ Confessional – Electrotribal Getdown, 2005, single, Confessional Recordings: a dramatic electronic GarageBand lesson – an appropriate dance party track to the end of things. MP3, Free on demand; download it here:  DJ Confessional – Electrotribal Getdown

Thick Asian Girls/Thick Asian Girls II, 2005, maxi-single, Confessional Recordings: two variants of bass exclusive/heavy instrumental – inspired by Asian morality-play films and a couple friends (Aina & Lara San Pedro) who encouraged me to start playing the bass.  Positive, heavy layered bass tones, fun and solid! TAGII MP3, Free on demand; download it here:  WFW2 – Thick Asian Girls (V1)

A rustbelt homage of out of print gems and rarities…

1.  Thin White Line –  Dock of the Busstop (1988 – Brain Thrust Productions – Demo Cassette)  Pittsburgh’s visionary soul-punk! We miss you Bobby Porter (1951–2010, R.I.P. old friend).  TWL – Dock Of The Busstop

2.  Slam Whitman – (late 80’s Demo Cassette)  Athens’ Ohio short-lived, mysterious and seriously shredding hardcore outfit.  State Of Nature Heroes From Hiroshima Covert Crime Against Humanity Hollywood Preacher Warfare Intro Billy Daze Euthanasia Ohio Woke Up Ronnie Fashion Urban Death Song

3.  Orange Roughies – Eye Patch (1989 – Knuckle Sandwich – Nocturnal Records)  Detroit’s alterna-monsters, when being “alternative” actually meant something in the world of music.  OR – Eye Patch

4.  J.J. Zetts – Needing Someone (200? – unreleased demo single)  Long time friend and collaborator who’s long over due to release a solo album.  J has a knack for catchy killer pop songs and raging metal; groove on this track that could have been a hit single in the 80’s.  JJZ – Needing Someone

5.  California Speedbag – Shitlist (2002 – The Fire of Misery – SV29)  Rustbelt cowpunk courtesy of Frank at Smog Veil Records. Support his indie label at http://www.smogveil.com  CS – Shitlist

Requests?  Over the years I’ve collected an oddball collection of rare and live recordings from alt and punk bands from the northeast Ohio/western Pennsylvania region as well as other rustbelt bands that traveled through our small but memorable circuit of bars/clubs. Most were digitized from warping vinyl and fading cassettes of the 1980’s & early 90’s. These include Knifedance, Sacred Hate, The A.G.’s, Boogie Man Smash, Father, Scarlet Picnic, The Barking Hippos, Symphony of Terror, Orange Roughies, Slam Whitman, Hoodface, Thin White Line, etc.


Solar Eclipse, Norcal, May 20th, 2012


Oscar & Vita… strange, silly and artful beasts.


Half Moon Bay, 2011

Some fun graffiti near my old apartment, off the slough trail, 2009.


San Diego & the Americans for the Arts Conference, 2010, including works from the Stuart Collection at U.C. San Diego.


4 replies to “X-Vault

    1. It really is borderline madness living with these creatures. They are in no way “pets,” more so beneficial pack members… their influence in how we live is pretty extraordinary. However they make me laugh everyday and usually teach me something redeeming along the way. Both retain feral instincts, talk much of the time, and despite their challenging behavior, me & IF feel lucky to have them. Powerful and beautiful indeed.


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