Alive, Dead & Reanimated Taxidermy

Specimen #912.78 – 2012, mixed-media assemblage: gourd, wood, dye, graphite, wax, steel, aluminum, found objects, 31”H x 18”W x 14”D, 2012

Special thanks to Pat Sanchez (1942 – 2016) for finding me a great serpentine gourd to work with, and to IF for hardware critique/metals intel. Cleaned, sanded, polished, dyed, waxed, cut apart, and articulated the lil’ beast with handmade aluminum brackets.

A mixed-media assemblage, with a narrative exploring the scientific specimen as cyborg/cyberpunk obscura. This is a theme I’ve been riffing on for several years… the alchemy of the New World Order: part toy – part tool – part relic.

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