Time flies like a tornado tail whip!

2014 is flyin’ and it’s great to have some new work on display back east.  The next painting in the Tornado Series was born in an excellent workshop this summer with abstract painter, Matt Rhoades of Sacramento.  Got a solid base on this piece and then worked it up with several layers of acrylic clear coats to add depth in the studio.  On display as part of REUNION II – Alumni Invitational at the McDonough Museum of Art from September 13th to November 7th, 2014.


6th Cycle: Storm Front

 acrylic on canvas

 40” W x 30” H x 1.5” D



From an on-going body of new paintings exploring tornados and themes of organic and entropic (r)evolution. At times the images are illustrative and surreal in creating the narrative, while others attempt to manifest these raw forces at work. – WFW2


About 2 horns & the truth

imagemaker • objectmaker • places art in places and spaces
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1 Response to Time flies like a tornado tail whip!

  1. Ilena says:

    enjoying this new addition to the series


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