Building Blocks for the New World Order

Building Blocks for the New World Order

mixed media on wood blocks, various sizes, 2010/11

This project debuted at REUNION an Alumni Invitational – the 20th Anniversary Celebration from February 18th to March 18th, 2011 at the McDonough Museum of Art in Youngstown, Ohio. The Museum noted artists were “invited over 60 faculty-recommended Department of Art Alums, a selection of our most impressive success stories, to be a part of this special exhibition.  The participants range from recent graduates to those from 1970 and represent a broad range of disciplines.”

Building Blocks for the New World Order are part of the on-going de(vice) series of works, and a contemporary riff on antique toy blocks (aka building blocks, building bricks, alphabet nursery blocks, etc.) dating back to the 1600’s in Europe and to the 600’s in Asia. Interestingly beyond the simple attention and imagination that children of all ages/cultures have with building blocks, they have been found to hold physical, social, intellectual and creative benefits with use. Combining mixed-media application and manipulation, with a narrative exploring a new world order, the blocks remain fun, intriguing and mysterious. An alchemy: part toy – part tool – part relic.

3 replies to “Building Blocks for the New World Order

    1. Funny, the visual temptation to play/manipulate them was intentional, but I didn’t expect them to be so pretty as a set. In general terms they also took an unpredictable path, as most of my preconceived ideas about how they would look/feel were replaced with a more organic (supernatural?) process. In short, they have to look/feel complete – with a similar energy – and until they do, the block(s) remain unfinished, or perhaps without charge. This is the over-quality of the de(vice) series as ritual objects, functional tools and relics. Lots of new ideas in response to the first set; the next batch is gonna be fun! -W


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