Building Blocks for the New World Order

REUNION an Alumni Invitational

20th Anniversary Celebration at YSU

McDonough Museum of Art

February 18 – March 18, 2011

mixed media on wood blocks – 2010/11 – $575.00 set price


About 2 horns & the truth

imagemaker • objectmaker • places art in places and spaces
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3 Responses to Building Blocks for the New World Order

  1. Ilena Finocchi-Wilson says:

    If the new world order looked this lush – maybe I would like it… sadly I don’t think it does…


    • Funny, the visual temptation to play/manipulate them was intentional, but I didn’t expect them to be so pretty as a set. In general terms they also took an unpredictable path, as most of my preconceived ideas about how they would look/feel were replaced with a more organic (supernatural?) process. In short, they have to look/feel complete – with a similar energy – and until they do, the block(s) remain unfinished, or perhaps without charge. This is the over-quality of the de(vice) series as ritual objects, functional tools and relics. Lots of new ideas in response to the first set; the next batch is gonna be fun! -W


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