Drawing Workshop

In the final visual arts offering of the 2011 Professional Development Workshop Series at the Grand, I’ll be co-teaching a crazy-fun Drawing session with Tracy Artist/Calligrapher, Susan Richardson.

We’re going to run through everything good about drawing:  mark-making, expressive techniques, quality of line, drawing tools/mediums, life drawing and critique.  Supplies will be provided, but participants can opt to bring their own materials.  Adult 18+ only.

UPDATED:  Thanks to Susan, Richard, Sherie, Terry & Pack, and all the Artists & Arts Educators that filled the studio and worked hard for nearly 4 hours.  It was a fun and fitting end to the successful run of the Workshop Series.  The motion drawings (House of Flying Daggers & Blade Runner) and life drawings (Female Nude & Dogs) created by 15 Artists were notable and proof that [practiced] drawing is at the core of seeing and creating.  We even managed to sneak in an Exquisite Corpse drawing with worthy result.  Most importantly, I believe we now have the group support to maintain an ongoing life drawing class at the Center.

Saturday, July 30th, 1 to 4:30 PM – Visual Arts I – $25/$20 Faculty & Students

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Arts Business Workshops

Business Skills for Artists : Saturday, July 23rd, 12 to 2 pm

Just a quick reminder I’ll be offering the Business Skills for Artists session as part of the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts’ ongoing 2011 Professional Development Workshop Series running through July 30th.  The 2-hour conversation is designed to provide emerging and established artists with a variety of practical knowledge in the areas of credential documents, portfolios, exhibitions and marketing.

Legal Rights & Issues for Californian Artists, Saturday, July 23rd, 2 to 4 pm

Also there’s a great part 2 to this session.  In a collaboration with California Lawyers for the Arts – Sacramento, Attorney Stephen Davis from Davis & Leonard, LLP will present Legal Rights & Issues for California Artists.  Mr. Davis will offer a presentation on important legal issues including moral rights, Visual Artists Rights Acts, California Resale Royalties and disclosure agreements.

Both sessions will be presented in the GWF Energy Gallery and are free with registration. Subsequently, Saturday the 23rd is also you last chance to visit the stellar Kunstlerleben exhibit.

UPDATED:  Thanks to everyone who came out; we had a gallery full of artists and one agent.  Unfortunately Mr. Davis was unable to attend, but we improvised and spent the second session discussing the California Artist’s Bill of Rights.  Mr. Davis will be rescheduled for the fall.

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Kunstlerleben Gallery Talk

Stephen, Miguel and I extend our sincere appreciation to the nearly 40 patrons who came to the Gallery Talk.  Stephen surprised us all, speaking for nearly 45 minutes!  He gave the audience an insightful and humorous survey of life events that impacted his development as an artist and art historian.  This portion of the discussion was recorded for the project archive.

Miguel and I spoke about the exhibition concept and design.  In addition it was announced a catalog with a projected release date of mid-September would be produced. Publication and purchase details to follow.

A special thank you to all Stephen’s colleagues and past-students who made the effort to be there and share stories and appreciation with the group.  Your contributions have made this exhibition all the more special.

Kunstlerleben remains on display through July 23rd, 2011.  Several works in the exhibit are expected to be purchased.  This will be the final two weeks that this exclusive grouping of over 220 artworks, objects and documents from the Mr. Gyermek’s personal collection will be seen together.

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Kunstlerleben Opens

Kunstlerleben – From Budapest to the Valley… the Stephen Gyermek Retrospective opens today!

We (IF=superpower) finished the install last night (after a marathon week) and the show looks quite amazing.  What Miguel and I had envisioned as a visual immersion of Stephen’s life has manifested in the entire transformation of the gallery.  The space is stunningly motivating and emotional.  An enthralling and humbling effort to honor this master artist and friend.

The Gallery Guide is now available and documents Stephen in his own words commenting on life and art, including woodcuts and painting.  Here’s the electronic version for your enjoyment:  Kunstlerleben eGallery Guide

There are also plans to release a limited edition catalog, signed and number by the artist. Details to come with an anticipated release date of August.

For those afar or unable to attend, here’s a run of pics:


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Exploring the Collaborative Process

As part of the ongoing 2011 Professional Development Workshop Series at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts in Tracy-CA , I’ll be teaching three sessions.  The first is a cross-discipline offering entitled, Exploring the Collaborative Process.  If you’re in Norcal and interested in developing your creative team skills working with artists of all kinds, consider attending this engaging class culled from my 20 years of working in collaborative environments.  Download the PDF below for details.

PDWS Collaborative Process eFlyer

If collaboration isn’t of interest, I’ll also be offering a fundamental Business Skills for Artists on July 23rd and thrilled to be co-teaching a Drawing workshop with Susan Richardson on July 30th.  The PDWS runs on Saturdays through the end of July with discipline tracks in Dance, Drama, Music & Visual Art. Complete workshop details can be found here:


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Real Life

Special thanks to culture journalist extraordinaire Lori Gilbert (of The Record) who wrote a very fine piece about Stephen Gyermek and the upcoming retrospective exhibition, Kunstlerleben.  Craig Sanders’ photos are excellent and certainly capture Stephen’s spirit/art.


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Beware of What You Believe

Very happy to have knocked this one out over the last week… but back to acrylics with lots of disdain.  I remembered what I love about them; they dry fast!  I remembered what I hate about them; they dry fast!  As I’m re-investigating materials again, I think it’s time to invest in the newfangled extender mediums on the market.  There’s use of lava gel the foreground and heavy side of the cloud wall, but it wasn’t suitable for the smoother areas of the painting.  If anyone has a favorite/recommended product to give the paint a bit more life in the making, please do share.

Tornado Series (Revenge Series II): Paintings

Occluded Mesocyclone : Beware of What You Believe

acrylic on canvas, 8″ x 24″, 2011 – $1,500

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The first two promotions for the upcoming Stephen Gyermek Retrospective exhibition:

SG Exhibition eAnnouncement

SG eFlyer

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Message to the Messengers Post Mortem

Yesterday afternoon, the writer-poet-musician-spoken-word innovator Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011) died at the age of 62 in NYC.  Gil was one of a batch of artists that captured my attention and imagination as a child and as an adult.  While certainly acclaimed for the historical riff, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (written 1968/released 1970), Gil was an artist that left us with a great body of works to explore for years to come. Much has and will be said about him, as gentle as he was moody, brilliant mind, sad addict.  Just last year, he released I’m New Here which championed a humble public return after a stint in jail.  The self-proclaimed bluesologist (a profound fusion of blues, jazz & Harlem renaissance poetry) is dead; New York has finally killed him… now go crank up your iPods and pay the man his due respect.

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The End of Days

In honor, or more accurately in amusement, of the impending armageddon [sic], here’s a sequence from the painting referenced in the previous post, Motivation.  A rare look into a work in progress.  Oh, and in less than one hour the apocalypse begins in the far Pacific; stay strong Tokyo… out here in California, apparently we get to watch the show over the next 24 hours.

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