As work in the studio starts spinning, so does the music.  Below is little archive of memorable recording projects and a sampling of MP3z for your enjoyment.

•• Now playing:

David Bowie – The Platinum Collection (1969 – 1987) – 2005

Prince – Sign O’ The Times  – 1987

Prophets of Rage – The Party’s Over EP – 2016

The Hateful Eight OMPST – Various Artists – 2015

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Damage and Joy – 2017

•• Working archive of memorable recording projects and demos:

B.D.C. (Blind, Deaf & Crippled) – All That Survived, 1987:  a collection of practice session demos from our first teenage punk band.  BDC, while a short-lived summer experiment, featured the talents and eccentricities of Mark Thompson & Brian Beech (vocals), Justin “Bone” Chearno & Paul Baker (guitars), Bob Cassidy (bass), William Wilson (keyboard) and Gary Calabret (drums).  The first and only gig occurred at The Cedars Lounge (Youngstown, OH) 07/29/87 opening for Neurotic Nathan.  A couple handfuls of cassette copies distributed to friends/fans only way back in the day.

The Witching Hour – 1988-1990: a collection of miscellaneous demos from Alternative Chaos/Culture Shock bedroom and Rust Monster basement recording sessions. Collaborators included Pete Christie (guitar), Dave Flynn (vocals/bass), Ralph Snyder (keyboard), Mark Thompson (vocals), and J.J. Zetts (guitar).  Individual session cassettes distributed to friends/fans only.

de(vice) 2000: one solution – original soundtrack v.1.0, 2000, Confessional Recordings/Happy Death Music:  Rhinohead Productions & Gunk Recordings presents a site-specific, multi-media installation by William F. Wilson II & J.J. Zetts.  On display June 10th – July 7th, 2000 at Trumbull Art Gallery, Warren, OH.  Mastered soundtrack features 5 original songs, a dj sampled mixdown intro and a trip-hop cover of the traditional Amazing Grace featuring guest vocals by artists Robyn Elise Maas & Michelle Monseau.  CD out of print, MP3s with PDF available: $8

Lover’s Quarrel and the slow death of America, 2003, limited edition maxi-single, Confessional Recordings:  Rhinohead Productions presents a one shot produced as a remote collaborative project with J.J. Zetts blending love-gone-bad and post-9/11 commentary. CD out of print, Mp3s with PDF available: $2

DJ Confessional – Electrotribal Getdown, 2005, single, Confessional Recordings:  a dramatic electronic GarageBand lesson – an appropriate dance party track to the end of things.  MP3, Free on demand; download it here:  DJ Confessional – Electrotribal Getdown

Thick Asian Girls/Thick Asian Girls II, 2005, maxi-single, Confessional Recordings:  two variants of bass exclusive/heavy instrumental – inspired by Asian morality-play films and a couple friends (Aina & Lara) who encouraged me to start playing the bass.  Positive, heavy layered bass tones, fun and solid!  TAGII MP3, Free on demand; download it here:  WFW2 – Thick Asian Girls (V1)

Your City – My End, 2011-14, demo, Confessional Recordings:  work in progress

•• A homage of out of print gems, and few tunes that I like, that you might too:

1.  Thin White Line –  Dock of the Busstop (1988 – Brain Thrust Productions – Demo Cassette)  Pittsburgh’s visionary soul-punk!  We miss you Bobby Porter (1951–2010, R.I.P. old friend).  TWL – Dock Of The Busstop

2.  Slam Whitman – (late 80’s Demo Cassette)  Athens’ Ohio short-lived, mysterious and seriously shredding hardcore outfit. State Of Nature Heroes From Hiroshima Covert Crime Against Humanity Hollywood Preacher Warfare Intro Billy Daze Euthanasia Ohio Woke Up Ronnie Fashion Urban Death Song

3.  Orange Roughies – Eye Patch (1989 – Knuckle Sandwich – Nocturnal Records)  Detroit’s alterna-monsters, when being “alternative” actually meant something in the world of music.  Also check out the classic vid for this tune on YT.  OR – Eye Patch

4.  J.J. Zetts – Needing Someone (200? – unreleased demo single)  Long time friend and collaborator who’s long over due to release a solo album.  J has a knack for catchy killer pop songs and raging metal; groove on this track that could have been a hit single in the 80’s.  JJZ – Needing Someone

5.  California Speedbag – Shitlist (2002 – The Fire of Misery – SV29)  Rustbelt cowpunk courtesy of Frank at Smog Veil Records. Support his indie label at  CS – Shitlist

6.  The Twilight Singers are excellent.  Ohio in the 90’s was better off with The Afghan Whigs and everything Greg Dulli has done since has been great.  Here’s a promo courtesy of Subpop Records Podcast off the 2011 album Dynamite Steps.  Listen, listen again turning it up louder, then get go buy it:  TTS – On The Corner

Requests?  Over the years I’ve collected an oddball collection of rare and live recordings from alt and punk bands from the northeast Ohio/western Pennsylvania region as well as bands that traveled through our small but memorable circuit of bars/clubs.  Most were digitized from warping vinyl and fading cassettes of the 1980’s & early 90’s.  These include Knifedance, Sacred Hate, The A.G.’s, Boogie Man Smash, Father, Scarlet Picnic, The Barking Hippos, Symphony of Terror, Orange Roughies, Slam Whitman, Hoodface, Thin White Line, etc.


6 Responses to Audio

  1. jay says:

    Do you have any more of the Slam Whitman stuff? I lost my tape long ago and haven’t been in touch with Jeff Chopko since the 90s. Thanks in advance! Jay B


  2. Thanks for posting Slam Whitman. Great old memories.


  3. Mike Finney says:

    Oh Hell F’n Yes!! Thanks so much for posting the Slam Whitman demo cassette. My copy, which is a slowly degrading cassette dub of the original given to me by Gruber’s younger brother in 1987, has been packed away in my storage unit for years. Although I haven’t listened to these songs for well over 20 years, anytime the words name or phrase, “euthanasia,” “Ronnie,” or “crime against humanity” are heard, those songs play in my head as it if was a recording I bought the day prior! Timeless hardcore, a pair of old, black combat boots and the Union Bar & Grill. Much fun was had. Much beer was consumed….and spilled too.


    • Glad you appreciate it Mike! Even in this day and age of internet music, it’s a difficult album to track down in any capacity. I wish the guys from the band would release an archive disc/download of all the great material they were able to capture along way. We’re all blessed to have run the circle with Slam Whitman. 😉


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