Rupert, Randy & Daniel on Veterans Day

PBS-RP BannerReflections on quick hit recommendations of note: 1.  I recently viewed a great chapter from the four-part PBS series, My Wild Affair, entitled The Rhino Who Joined the Family, documenting a compelling episode in the short (and still-difficult) history of hand-rearing wild rhino.  In this case, a chronicle of an orphaned black rhinoceros (Rupert) as a result of the damming of the Zambezi River in (then) Rhodesia.  A must-see for anyone working in or supporting the conservation movement!  Available via stream and on dvd. 2.  One of my fav collaborators/artists, Randy Polumbo, was recently featured in an excellent article by Deborah Copaken writing for Cafe.  Randy’s work is infectious, mysterious and fun, and I alway enjoy talking to him about art and life.  This read is a candid venture into his family history and amazing creative energy. 3.  For decades I’ve enjoyed buying/using art supplies from Daniel Smith via catalog and online. The materials they engineer, re-sell and recommend always seem to be thoughtful and respectful of the creative process and artist’s development of technique.  As they are returning to their roots as a manufacturer of pigments and paint, all of the other wonderful items they carry are on (bittersweet) close-out with on-going discounts.  Stock up while you can! 4.  We’re still [sic] at war and I think Veterans deserve at least a month (or forever) instead of a day.  History matters and remember to take care of those who take care of you.


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