What the world needs now…

… is another Concrete Blonde concert!

UPDATED: Last evening’s cold raining bluster in Sac City fueled a raging hot show! WOW!  Leading off with Rosalie and into an incredible mix including Beds Are Burning, Days And Days, 100 Games of Solitaire, Damage I Have Done, When I Was A Fool, Take Me Home, Caroline, Everybody Knows, Mexican Moon, Tomorrow Wendy, Bloodletting… and on! The Blonde is angry, loving, loud, giving, and so damn good!  Solo performer Jim Bianco also deserves high recognition for an energetic, clever and funny opening set. A legendary night of professional musicianship that crushed the lame policies (rude door men, forcing patrons to stand across the street in the rain, designated drinking areas, etc.) of the club, uniting a packed house…

It’s been an amazing week of music news… first the Afghan Whigs announce a couple festival reunion shows and now dear friends/collaborators Johnette & Jim are scheduled to kick off a run of shows in Sacramento in early 2012.  Catch ’em if you can; life will be better immediately!

They have released a new limited edition 7″ and it’s also available for download:  http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ConcreteBlonde1

Tours dates/info:  http://www.concreteblondeofficialwebsite.com


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