The Hatchery : East of Fresno

Artist & Friend Anné M. Klint is co-curating the next visual and spatial explorations at The Hatchery ( This former compound in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains is being transformed into a provocative project for contemporary artists including a residency program.  The new international exhibition features dozens artists selected by a team of four curators working in a variety of media including installation.

Anné asks, “Do know of anyone, be they students or otherwise, who might be interested in volunteering for any number of things having to do with this grand production?  We’ll have over 40 artists in the show, some of them are traveling from Europe to be here and exhibit in the now-derelict former Synanon building in Badger, CA (foothills east of Fresno).  We can use help in every aspect, ranging from picking up artists at the airport, hanging the show, helping with signage to day-of support in terms of snack management, guest sign-in, general facilitation.  If anyone you know is interested in the behind the scenes curatorial process, this would be an excellent show to be a part of.  Unfortunately, we are mostly self-funding the show (and with the gracious help from our IndieGoGo supporters, too!) so we can’t offer a stipend.  This truly is a for-the-love-of-art exhibition!”

Media Release including contact info and Poster below:

The Hatchery EOF Media Release

The Hatchery EPF Poster


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