Graves Country

Media Release and Announcement are now available for the upcoming exhibition Graves Country – The Folk Art Collection of ol Roff opening the 5th Anniversary 2011-12 Season at the Grand.

UPDATED:  eFlyers with additional featured works added for the exhibition and Gallery Talk/Reception with Mr. Graves.

UPDATED:  Thanks to everyone who came out over Anniversary Weekend.  It was wonderful to have Roff and Arlene in the galleries Saturday morning.  We had over 1,100 visitors and many were moved, inspired and intrigued by the works of artists including Rev. Howard Finster, Steven Chandler, Juanita Leonard, Rev. W.C. Rice, Kelly Moore, Buddy Snipes, Shane Campbell, Bernice Sims, etc.  In addition the memory crock and face jugs were largely noticed and discussed throughout the entire weekend.

GC Media eRelease

GC Exhibition eAnnouncement

GC eFlyer

GC GT eFlyer


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  1. Ilena says:

    looking forward to seeing this one!


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