Summer Stew

Things simmering in the summer hot pot:

The 5th Anniversary 2011-12 Exhibition Season at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts opens in September with the venerable Graves Country – The Folk Art Collection of ol Roff.  I’m super excited about this as I’ve been working behind the scenes to make this happen for over a year.  Roff is officially in deep with over 50 antique and contemporary outsider and folk art works by 30+ artists, and the show is gonna rock.  Media Release and details coming later this week.

Also related to the Grand… our new flatbed press will be shipping this month.  A significant addition to the studios with the ability to print etchings, reliefs and monotypes.  I’ll be setting up the lab, training instructors and probably teaching the initial offering of printmaking classes/workshops in the fall.

Me, IF and special guests – my parents – recently visited the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. The modern and spacious new building is a huge step forward giving Sacto a legitimate contemporary museum and generous galleries for both the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.  The admissions staff was helpful and knowledgeable making for a warm welcome.  The addition of the ceramic pottery collection is almost overwhelming [let’s hope do something incredibly brave and give equal attention to ceramic sculpture as time goes on] and tribal/primitive works are powerful in their installation.  One glaring error though in the Crocker’s new opz; local and regional programming is resigned to the less-than-adequate-&-professional basement of the mansion building. This seems like such a disappointing oversight given the great job being done elsewhere in the new complex.

Our vacation pack made the rounds and enjoyed a few really decent antique shops in Sutter Creek and Jackson.  An excursion recommended to all interested in the natural world, the awesome Bone Room in Berkeley.  A ritualistic visit to the truly unique Gothic Rose Antiques and the Cosmic Cafe in Placerville.

In the studio, I’m getting back to the paintings of the Tornado Series, working up a few prototypes for an upcoming toy/figurine series, constructing more wooden blocks, and considering a timely additions to the Rhinoceros/Revenge Series.  Sobering and sad news from the conservation front and a June visit to the San Diego Zoo has reminded me that the work never ends.  Stop killing rhinos.

In blog news, now that a new scanner has been secured, there will be several updates coming to the site.  Notably with the Curiou$ities, Bone Hole History and Visual Vault pages.


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