Kunstlerleben Opens

Kunstlerleben – From Budapest to the Valley… the Stephen Gyermek Retrospective opens today!

We (IF=superpower) finished the install last night (after a marathon week) and the show looks quite amazing.  What Miguel and I had envisioned as a visual immersion of Stephen’s life has manifested in the entire transformation of the gallery.  The space is stunningly motivating and emotional.  An enthralling and humbling effort to honor this master artist and friend.

The Gallery Guide is now available and documents Stephen in his own words commenting on life and art, including woodcuts and painting.  Here’s the electronic version for your enjoyment:  Kunstlerleben eGallery Guide

There are also plans to release a limited edition catalog, signed and number by the artist. Details to come with an anticipated release date of August.

For those afar or unable to attend, here’s a run of pics:



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1 Response to Kunstlerleben Opens

  1. Ilena says:

    the envisioning was visualized!!! It was one of my all time favorite shows. A true artist, a true master, humble and hilarious human being…


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