The End of Days

In honor, or more accurately in amusement, of the impending armageddon [sic], here’s a sequence from the painting referenced in the previous post, Motivation.  A rare look into a work in progress.  Oh, and in less than one hour the apocalypse begins in the far Pacific; stay strong Tokyo… out here in California, apparently we get to watch the show over the next 24 hours.


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4 Responses to The End of Days

  1. ilena Finocchi says:

    someone needs a vacation and time to finish this painting… 🙂


  2. Camping should have predicted that when the painting is finished, thus fully depicting the apocalypse, the end has indeed cometh… would have been more far more accurate and rewarding than his kooky biblemath, which he’s updated to 6 pm PST today. BTW, I think he’s earned a spot in the next batch of your Freakshow tiles. 😉


  3. Meela says:

    This piece is a masterpiece, my friend! Your Canadian-fan is proud of you! =)


    • Thanks for the kind sentiment. It’s hardly a masterpiece by any measure yet, but if I ever finish that painting, it will be a personal fav and a considerably important work. I’ll documenting the transformation on the canvas in its entirety… should be a pretty dramatic sequence.


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