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2 horns & the truth begins now…

and will serve as a quick hit informational and visual blog for Rhinohead Productions, my freelance creative company/collective.  News and updates regarding creative consultancy, curatorial work, event production, exhibitions and current projects will be featured.  We’ll discuss Art en masse as well, when the topic is relevant.

defining the contingency…

2010 marks twenty years of my professional work in arts education and visual arts.  It also coincides with my discovery and subsequent exploration of rhinoceros research.  This parallel has become increasing important as I am embarking on a new body of public work (Tornado Series [sic]) and as the world’s remaining five species of rhinos are once again fighting extinction.  No better time to embrace what is contingent within my work; – neither logically necessary nor logically impossible, so that its truth or falsity can be established only by sensory observation.


About 2 horns & the truth

imagemaker • objectmaker • places art in places and spaces
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